Posted on Feb 27, 2016
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Last February, I had the rare opportunity to be in Sao Paulo’s Pinoteca and see the work of Ron Mueck. The line to view the exhibit was very long, I think I was in line about 4 hours. Once inside, I was overwhelmed by this amazing exhibit. To learn more about this incredible artist, please see here.

Here are some images of the exhibit taken with my Fuji x100s.








Posted on Jun 30, 2014
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Recently, my daughter and I visited Washington, DC. I had not been to DC since 1983 when I was part of Presidential Classroom.  DC still has a beautiful charm in the Spring and we were fortunate to have nice weather during the days there. The buildings in some cases like the White House felt smaller for some reason probably as I see them from a different perspective now. 

cherry blossoms in washington dc Cherry Blossoms in DC in the Spring.






The Iwo Jima Memorial which was near our hotel was still incredible. The scale of the sculpture is overwhelming.



The most emotional moment was seeing the wreath being delivered by a family at the tomb of the unknown soldier.  The playing of “Taps” gave the ceremony so much more significance. 


Arlington National Cemetery Arlington National Cemetery

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Posted on Oct 09, 2013
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We had the opportunity last week to travel on canoes on the Housatonic River near Lenox, MA last week. It was a beautiful experience and enjoyed the trip. We were able to see beavers and amazing landscape. We recommend it. Contact Hilary at

Marco Markovich Photography_0049

Marco Markovich Photography_0050

Marco Markovich Photography_0051

Berkshire Canoe Tour

On canoe tour near Lenox

Posted on Aug 31, 2013
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Here are a few images from my shoot with Alexandra at sunset shot near Castilleja de la Cuesta.



Marco Markovich Photography_0028

Marco Markovich Photography_0027

Marco Markovich Photography_0026

Marco Markovich Photography_0025

Marco Markovich Photography_0024